Twin Mountain Fire Rescue

Call 911 in case of an emergency

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. The Twin Mountain Fire Department and Twin Mountain EMS work closely together to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. They are comprised of a small number of paid personnel and a large group of call members, serving a community of about 1,000 permanent residents, exploding to 10,000 during tourist season.

Twin Mountain Fire Rescue is equipped to handle various rescue situations, including Swift Water Rescue and Rope Rescue, essential skills in the White Mountains area.

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The fire department also work proactively to prevent disaster from striking with Fire prevention and Safety Education outreach at the local schools, teaching young minds about the dangers of uncontrolled fire and how to respond in case of emergencies.

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Twin Fire Department is Ready

helicoptor and ambulance

The department's fleet, comprising three fire trucks and two ambulances is ever-ready to dash off to the site of an emergency, be it a sudden cardiac arrest, a fall, or an occasional intense fire. The chief says, "We may be a small team, but we train like a large department, because seconds can make all the difference."

fire and rescue gear

Twin Mountain EMS, operating under the Twin Mountain Fire Rescue, provides emergency medical care in challenging environments. Their trained paramedics and dedicated volunteers respond to calls and transport patients to safety or the hospital. They often navigate difficult terrain, including mountain trails and rivers, in their efforts to reach those in need.


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