Elephants in Twin Mountain?

Fifty years ago, in 1973, Al Francis created Circus Towne in Twin Mountain. A complete circus from Florida performed four times per day, seven days per week! There was ladies swinging on the trapeze and kids riding elephants. Clowns were always around entertaining travelers to the area.

unicycle on a wire

After Circus Towne came Fun Towne

In the 1980's, Al brought in more entertainment and soon Twin Mountain was known as Fun Towne.

Soon Twin Mountain had go carts, a bowling alley, arcade games and more.

Read all about it in the book: "Circus Towne", a comical memoir by Veronica Francis. Read more about it and buy a copy at www.circustowne.com

Today, Fun Towne's history continues as now it is K9 Fun Town and a fun place for dogs! Check it out.