Twin Mountain Library

dedicated librarian

Twin Mountain Library is fortunate to have librarian Tom McCorkhill to ensure the community has vibrant and expansive offerings that punches above its weight for a small town. It is inviting to residents and visitors of all ages to come in and lose themselves in the realm of words, knowledge, and creativity.

The Twin Mountain Public Library, conveniently situated within City Hall, proves that wonderful things indeed come in small packages. Though compact, this library has a vast assortment of books and an array of services that cater to the diverse needs of its community. With an impressive selection ranging from popular fiction titles that top the best-seller lists to timeless classics, the library ensures there’s a literary journey awaiting every patron.

Computers for visitors

computer desk

The library is outfitted with desks and computers for visitors, offering a quiet space for research, study, or browsing the internet. Whether you're a student in need of information for a project, a job-seeker hunting for new opportunities, or simply a curious mind exploring the world, these modern amenities are there to facilitate your endeavors. The library’s experienced and friendly staff is always at hand to assist with your technological or literary queries, embodying the warmth and inviting spirit of Twin Mountain.

Children's Department

childrens area

The library has a vibrant Children's Department. As a haven for young readers, this section is a treasure trove of captivating children’s books and resources. The centerpiece is the children's reading room, a delightful sanctuary designed to inspire the love of reading in young minds.

Special times are allocated for reading to children, an activity that is cherished by the little ones and their families alike. As the experienced staff weave tales of adventure, mystery, and fantasy, the room fills with wide-eyed wonder, nurturing imaginations and fostering early literacy.

popular fiction books

Despite its size, the Twin Mountain Public Library delivers a delightful literary experience, punctuated by its commitment to community, learning, and accessibility. In Twin Mountain, this public library serves as a testament to the power of knowledge, community, and imagination.

Come on in, a world of words awaits you at the Twin Mountain Public Library!