rock climbing

Franconia and Crawford Notch in New Hampshire are known for their spectacular rock climbing opportunities, offering challenges for climbers of all levels. Here are some popular rock climbing areas:

  • Franconia Notch: The climbing routes in Franconia Notch are quite varied, offering sport, trad, and top-rope climbing. Cannon Cliff, the tallest and most severe cliff in the Northeast, is a prominent feature here. The cliff's "Moby Grape" and "Whitney-Gilman Ridge" routes are among the most iconic in the region.
  • Artist's Bluff and Bald Mountain: These are two small cliffs offering a number of short, easy routes that are great for beginners or for experienced climbers looking for a quick outing. The views of Franconia Notch from the top are spectacular.
  • Crawford Notch: This area has a variety of climbing routes, including multi-pitch trad routes and some sport routes. The cliff known as "Frankenstein" is popular, particularly for its ice climbing in winter, but also has some good rock routes. "Mt. Webster" and "Mt. Willard" are also favored for their long moderate routes with amazing views.
  • Echo Crag: Located near Franconia Notch, Echo Crag is a great destination for sport climbing with over 50 routes, mostly single-pitch. It's particularly good for beginner and intermediate climbers.

These locations are not only popular for their climbing routes but also for the breathtaking views and natural beauty. Always remember to check local regulations and respect the environment when climbing. Climbing can be dangerous, so it's important to have appropriate gear, skills, and possibly a guide if you're unfamiliar with the area.